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Stephen Simmons

I moved to Austin in 1984 and I have seen the incredible growth and changes and understand the uniqueness and appeal of Austin and the surrounding Hill Country. I have been married since 1990 to my best friend, my treasure, my beloved – Tricia. I have two beautiful daughters, two great sons-in-law, and two awesome grandsons. I love the journey of life with my best friend and family at my side!! My desire is that every couple will have a marriage that brings them the joy and pleasure my marriage has brought me.

I have found over the years that having my wife involved in my activities is much more enjoyable than just “hanging out with the guys.” Don’t get me wrong, for each of us to have our friend time with others is important, but I have found that I really enjoy doing more things with my wife and it draws us closer in all areas of our life. I have also found that effective communication is one of the most important attributes to a successful marriage. I have learned to listen more, and because I listen to my wife when she is sharing with me, it allows us to better understand what the other one is going through. There are times when we each need a sounding board, and other times when we are looking for the other’s input, direction or guidance in a situation. I have found that our relationship grows when we understand what the other is asking of us (expectations), instead of assuming the reason something is being shared is because the other person is looking for us to solve their issue. I can truly say my life is better with every year of marriage and I truly desire for every couple to have a beautiful marriage and relationship with their spouse.

I highly recommend every couple purchase a couple of resources to help you better understand your spouse! Men and women are different, we have different needs, we have different definitions for what something means, and until you gain more understanding of the opposite sex, you will face challenges in your relationship. 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, His Needs Her Needs by Willard Harley, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, What Women Want — What Men Want by John Townsend are a few resources I’d recommend that have helped me and my wife. In many relationships, either the husband or the wife will take the time to read, but unless both of you commit to investing in your relationship, your marriage will only experience a partial completeness in what it could be.

I love performing wedding ceremonies because it is one of the top 3 or 4 highlights in most people’s lives. The day you get engaged is exciting, but the day you say “I Do” should be one of the most exciting and memorable moments of your life. I enjoy listening to a couple’s love story and working with them to create a wedding ceremony that will be memorable and enjoyed each time they look back at the moment.

Since your wedding day is such a special occasion, I strive to create the ceremony each couple desires it to be. I’ve performed over 1500 weddings and I’ve never performed the ceremony twice. I customize every ceremony for every couple, bringing your family and friends into the moment, and performing a ceremony that everyone will remember and enjoy. I never just “show up” and perform a “canned” ceremony. So whether your are looking for a fun ceremony, a spiritual or traditional ceremony, or a combination of tears and laughter, I desire to make your ceremony all you dreamed it would be. Together, we will make your dream a reality!

Stephen Simmons

Loren Jones

Loren Jones I Do ceremonies officiating wedding

As I Do Ceremonies grows and the number of referrals and requests increase, our team is growing! Stephen met Loren several years ago, and because of Loren’s great attitude, speaking presence, dry humor, character, and personality, Stephen asked Loren to join the I Do Ceremonies team. Loren brings over 20 years of experience in ministry to the team. Loren has had the honor of performing over 200 weddings at numerous places for many wonderful couples. Loren will bring his sense of calm, gentle demeanor, sense of humor if needed and professionalism to your ceremony, and would consider it a privilege to perform your ceremony and join you together in marriage.

Jonah Fox

Jonah and his wife Brooke were married in December 2018, and live in Belton, TX. They are a foster family and they are blessed to share life with children brought into their life. Jonah has served as Missions Pastor at Vista Community Church in Temple, TX since August 2017. Jonah loves traveling internationally and exploring new cultures, languages, and foods. He has visited more than 20 countries and is conversational in English, Spanish, and Levantine Arabic. Jonah and Brooke love all things marriage, and believe that it is a special privilege to be a part of the joining of two individuals in the beautiful mystery that is called “marriage.” Jonah is excited to walk alongside couples as they take the first steps into the rest of their lives together. 

John Yingling

John joined the team in 2022. John and his beautiful bride are part of our family, after experiencing the process of creating a customized ceremony for his own wedding day John was eager to help other couples have an experience as he did. John has been in leadership for several years and brings his joyful personality to couples’ special day!

Eric Hammer

Eric has served as a Chaplain since 2000 and is a minister at Liberty Church in Belton, TX. He and his beautiful bride Shelley celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2021 and they have three amazing children. Eric enjoys intimate weddings and his presence will bring both peace and calm to your special day.

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