Be a Thoughtful Bride and Groom

Yes, it’s “your” day.  But do you want your guests’ memories of your day to be negative or positive?  Well positive of course! So impress your guests by being thoughtful of them and their time.

Upon arrival many couples are providing drinks for guests before the ceremony.  In our area of Austin, Texas this is almost a must since most weddings are outdoor and the temperature soars.  Providing something cool to drink, as simple as ice water, shows your guests you recognize you are asking them to sit outside in 100 degree weather and don’t want them to get dehydrated.  Providing hand-fans with your program printed on them is also thoughtful for summer weddings, and if you know the sun will be shining in your guests’ eyes during a sunset wedding it’s always appropriate to have sunglasses available for those who forgot theirs.

Another thoughtful thing that shouldn’t even need to be addressed, is the need to begin your ceremony on time.  It is terribly rude for guests to arrive late for your wedding, but it is even more rude for you to keep guests, who arrived respectfully early, waiting for the late-comers.  Of course you want all your guests their for your ceremony, but being a thoughtful hostess to the guests who love you enough to be on time is more important.

Following the ceremony, limit the time it takes before you greet your guests.  While cocktail hour was created to appease guests while waiting for the bride and groom to join the reception, it is best for you to inform your photographer that you want to limit the photos taken after the wedding.  Some photographers are better organized than others, and some photographers lose track of time (even before the wedding) because they get caught up in the fun of doing what they love.  Just make sure you communicate with your photographer the expectation you have so they can plan accordingly.  Having a designated authoritative person who is not afraid to round up the needed people for photos will help keep the process moving quickly.

Once you and your groom have joined your guests at the reception make greeting your guests a priority. Greet guests as a team.  Don’t wait until the end of the celebration to do this because some may need to leave before you get to them.  People love being appreciated and you will both be viewed all the more beautifully on your wedding day if you let your inner beauty shine through by your thoughtfulness.


Be a Thoughtful Bride and Groom
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