Do I Need a Rehearsal Since I Have a Wedding Planner

A frequent question I receive is, “Do we need you at our rehearsal? We have a wedding planner.” This question is not as simple to address as you would think.  Wedding planners have a lot on their plate the day of your wedding and do a fantastic job at seeing the big picture, but I have experienced too many times to like, a wedding planner who has no idea how to organize a ceremony or handle all the people involved.  This is meant as no disrespect to their role in planning the entire wedding celebration, but the ceremony may be best left to an officiant who knows the details involved in a successful ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony is the beautiful moment you agree to love each other for all time, witnessed by those you have requested to attend.  You want this moment to be personal and memorable. To prepare for this momentous moment you need to be prepared. Sometimes those who are a part of your wedding party bring a bit of baggage that you don’t want interfering with your special day. by having a rehearsal, these possibly uncomfortable situations can be addressed.  Not all officiants offer the same level of involvement, or help, so make sure to meet with your officiant to see if they are the right fit for your needs and expectations. What should I expect at my rehearsal?

  • The purpose of a rehearsal is to work out any details and give instructions regarding how the ceremony will be conducted. It should give you a feel for the overall flow of how your ceremony will take place on your wedding day and it gives the entire wedding party a chance to practice and ensure everyone is on the same page.   The rehearsal is generally conducted within a few days before the ceremony, based on availability of all parties, but can be the same day.

Some of the basics I assist with, and that you should expect from your officiant during rehearsal, include:

  • When does the first song or music begin?
  • Will you have a DJ or live music?
  • If you have a DJ, where will they be set up during the ceremony?
  • Who enters first to begin the wedding party?
  • Where does the bride’s mom sit?
  • Who walks the bride’s mom down the aisle?
  • When/where do the step-parents enter and sit?
  • When does each member of the wedding party enter?
  • Where does each member stand once they arrive at the front?
  • Where does the ring bearer stand?
  • Where does the flower girl stand?
  • Who is walking the bride down the aisle?
  • Where does the bride stop, to be “given away”?
  • How does the ring ceremony work?
  • How is a unity ceremony handled?
  • Presentation of the couple
  • Instructions for family and friends during final pictures at the end of the ceremony

You and your fiancée will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having worked through the kinks with the one who will be beside you during your ceremony.

Do I Need a Rehearsal Since I Have a Wedding Planner
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