Don’t Imbibe Before the I Do!

Perhaps it’s due to all the media that portrays men as losing their independence once they say I do, but too many have bought into the lie that they need to be “fortified,” aka drunk, to be able to commit to the one they say they love.

Flasks are now given as gifts to all the groomsmen and they all partake throughout the day leading up to what should be meaningful moment with their bride.  But when the groom is too tanked to talk straight or so sloshed he can’t stop crying, the bride is no longer having the day she hoped she would.

Many venues have begun banning hard liquor from their venue before the reception to try to aid the brides in their desire to have a beautiful wedding ceremony, not  an embarrassing one.

A glass of wine to calm the nerves is one thing; but whiskey shots with the boys is not the way to begin your marriage.

Don’t Imbibe Before the I Do!
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