Importance of a Professional DJ

If you are going to cut corners on your wedding don’t be chintzy with the DJ.

You spent countless hours choosing the perfect dress, color scheme, and venue.  You tasted dozens of flavors of cakes and determined your favorite flowers.  Your wedding party is chosen and you found the perfect officiant to perform your ceremony.  Now the time has come to actually stand up in front of your guests and say “I do,” except for some reason the wrong song is playing.  Well, now the correct song is playing but it’s not being turned off so you stand at the altar for an interminable length of time growing frustrated because this is not how it was supposed to go.  After the song is abruptly turned off, rather than faded out, your officiant begins to speak into the microphone to find that either it doesn’t work, or it squawks each time he moves.

This is not a fictional scenario, this is a very real scenario based on personal officiating experiences.  We recently experienced a DJ who arrived late, had a bad microphone and because the microphone didn’t work properly nobody in the audience heard the amazing vows the bride and groom wrote to each other.  This also meant the vows were not recorded by the videographer to be listened to later.

While it doesn’t seem to require much to be a DJ, it requires more than just knowing how to download songs and play them through a speaker.  Your choice of DJ can make the difference between a smooth ceremony and an annoying one.

Importance of a Professional DJ
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