Local Events Can Affect Your Wedding

It’s easy to think of when you want to have your wedding: when then the weather is favorable, when you have more flexibility with work, when others have more flexibility with school schedules, but it’s also important to think about events in your area that can negatively impact your wedding date.

In the Austin area where we are it is wise to be cognizant of festivals.  We have giant festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest that fill up every hotel in the area which can create a challenging problem for out-of-town guests. f you will have out-of-town guests make sure they book their hotel room far in advance so they won’t have to settle for a seedy hotel or one far away from your venue.  I also caution that most hotels charge premium rates during these events so costs will be more for your guests.

Even if your city doesn’t have events that fill up all the local hotels, maybe you have a college football team that draws large numbers of visitors causing traffic jams at the time of day your guests would be heading to your venue.  Traffic on major roads in Austin during these events can get heavier than usual so make sure you give guests unfamiliar with alternate routes, tips on roads to avoid. Not all guests utilize apps that can help with traffic so giving them insight will be appreciated. Just send communication to those who may not know to plan for local traffic jams so they can leave early and arrive on time for your ceremony.

While these issues don’t have to keep you from having your wedding on the day you really want it to be, it does mean you need to plan accordingly.

Local Events Can Affect Your Wedding
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