Premarital Counseling

A dating relationship is designed to conceal information, not reveal it. Each partner puts his or her best foot forward, hiding embarrassing facts, habits, flaws and temperaments.  Consequently, the bride and groom often enter into marriage with an array of private assumptions about life after the wedding. Then major conflict occurs a few weeks later when they discover they have radically different views on nonnegotiable issues. The stage is then set for arguments, potential conflict and hurt feelings that were never anticipated during the courtship period.

I’ve been married to my best friend since 1990, in my years of marriage, the numerous books I’ve read on premarital counseling, psychology classes I’ve taken and premarital counseling I’ve offered, I’ve come up with over 200 questions in key areas couples will answer to help identify if any of these possible issues are present. The questions discussed are around: your past, present, future, your families, children, sex, home, finances and faith that should be considered before marriage. The couple will each individually answer their questionnaire (not reviewing together), and send back to me via email for my review.

I will review both questionnaires and compile a list of any potential areas of conflict the couple should have additional conversations about. The primary purpose of these encounters is to identify the assumptions each partner holds and to work through the areas of potential conflict. If the couple chooses, I lead a session via FaceTime, Skype, phone, or in person (I’m in Temple TX) if a location works out for both parties to walk through the key areas that should be considered.

Premarital Counseling Services: $300.00

Payment options: checks, all credit cards, Venmo or CashApp

Fill out the contact form on my website to request this service.

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