Things to Consider Before Hiring Wedding Vendors

Before you begin the process of seeking out wedding vendors there are some important things you need to consider:

What is the most important factor in your decision for the person performing the service you need?  Is it price, personality, reviews, customization options, experience, etc.?  There are very few instances when price should be your deciding factor when hiring a service.  If simply buying goods, the best price makes sense.  When searching for services you have to be more discerning.

Let’s begin with your venue, while you may love the location and look, are you going to be able to do all you want at that venue.  Some venues allow you to change all sorts of things to customize your look, while others allow very little to be personalized.  Make sure you know the details before you book.  And for pricing make sure you compare package to package pricing.  Some may include more than others, making the price difference not as big as you first think.

Photographers are an especially personal decision.  They may have fantastic reviews, but do you feel comfortable under their watchful eye?  You are going to be “bossed around” by the photographer as they attempt to get all the great angles, is their style of working one you enjoy and respect, or will you be annoyed?  This service definitely needs a thorough vetting of quality and style of work before you hire.

Floral choice requires knowing pricing and seeing proof of their work and reviews.  You may see great pictures of arrangements, but what are brides saying?  In addition to great work, do they show up on time with all the flowers ordered?  Are they set in their ways or open to your ideas?  Do they push expensive flowers or are they creative with a small budget?

Wedding planners/coordinators seem to be everywhere.  Do your research because a great planner can make all the difference, just as an unqualified one can allow things to slip through the cracks.  Again, reviews are a must.  Look for reputable reviews which cannot be altered by the vendor such as on or  Unless you have some personal experience witnessing a planner at work don’t trust that they know what they are doing without multiple reviews, or referrals from people you can trust who have the same standards as you.

DJs are another vendor when personality matters.  If you want fun and lively but they are chill and laid back, is that going to work at your reception?  Do they know how to change the atmosphere with a song? Are they good at listening and understanding YOUR wants for the reception? Do they provide all the needed equipment not only for the reception, but the ceremony? Usually it is the DJ who assists with mics for the officiant – are they lapel mics or cordless? Lapel mics are much better as the officiant often needs his hands to hold books, retrieve rings, give communion etc.  Do they understand how to work with the officiant or planner for when to begin and end songs? Do they understand to fade out and not just cut off a song? Again, research reviews.  And for pricing, is a $100 possible savings worth a DJ who brings mics that fade in and out and music that fails to inspire versus a professional who will provide all you need?

Your wedding officiant is not only the one who legally marries you, he is the one leading your ceremony.  He is master of ceremonies in the truest sense.  Do you like his voice? Do you like his personality?  Does he offer a customized ceremony or does he just bring canned vows and overused readings? The officiant makes the difference in a ceremony you and your guests will remember fondly or will remember as the wedding ceremony when everyone fell asleep.  Reputable reviews are again a must.  Your ceremony is one of the most important life-changing moments in your life, don’t undervalue the importance of a great officiant.  You can tell a lot when you interview the officiant; find one who makes you feel assured he knows what he is talking about and will put you at  ease on your wedding day.

Your wedding, whether large or small, is a special day, and to be a success depends upon a team of people you can trust coming together to bring your vision to life.  Do your research and your wedding will be all you hoped for.


Things to Consider Before Hiring Wedding Vendors
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