Incorporating Children in Your Wedding

The age of the child will determine what might be appropriate, but here are a few options:

  • Ring bearer – or a new spin is “ring security” where a young boy has dark glasses, dark suit, ear piece and a small black case (picture Secret Service)
  • Sign carrier – a sign that reads something like “here comes the bride”
  • Flower girl
  • Present a ring or piece of jewelry to your child after you exchange rings
  • Include something directed to them in your vows to one another
  • Say a separate vow to your child as you present them with a gift (jewelry or other item that they will have forever)
  • Have them do a reading (depending on age, it can be simple like Winnie the Pooh (on my readings page), or if older they can read any poem or special reading you’d like for them to read
  • Include them in a unity ceremony
    • Additional color of sand for your child(ren)
    • Write them a love letter and include it in your time capsule box (ask me about it)
    • Have an extra candle to light the unity candle (one candle for each person in the family and all light together)
  • If appropriate, let them sing a short song or play an instrument at some point during the ceremony (many options of when this can take place)
  • Have them pulled in a wagon with your wedding colors, or ride a tricycle that is decorated with your wedding colors
  • Have them escort the family dog in and the dog has the rings on its collar
  • Incorporate one of their drawings into the ceremony (program, or on something used to carry the rings, or have it engraved into a handkerchief, etc)
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