Is It Okay to Begin My Wedding Later Than Scheduled

Many brides have begun thinking it is okay to start their wedding ceremony 15-30 minutes later than the scheduled time on their invitation.  They want to allow for late guests or even worse, they think it really is only about them and don’t put their dress on until the venue owner tells them the officiant has to leave for another wedding so you need to begin.  What many brides forget, is this is their debut celebration as a hostess and a good hostess never makes her guests wait in the heat, or cold, or wind, or discomfort of hard chairs. Many guests arrive 30 minutes before the start of the wedding and if it begins 30 minutes late, they have been waiting for an hour! That is not a thoughtful host or hostess. Yes, everyone may not be there that is expected, but that does not justify punishing those who are on time to wait for those who are less respectful.

Brides, it is truly your special day, but don’t forget that all the people who come to your wedding come out of the goodness of their heart and one should never disrespect goodness.