Yes, Video Chatting Is Allowed During Your Ceremony

What? You think that’s rude? Why on earth would we say you can allow Video Chatting during your ceremony? Because at a recent wedding I performed there was very special out-of-state family who could not attend and video chatting was employed so they could feel like they were a part and the bride and groom could still have them there, even if remotely.

There are many reasons why someone special cannot attend your wedding: surgery, pregnant and unable to travel, lives out of the country and cannot afford to travel, military deployment, etc.  By assigning a family member or special friend on the front row to be in charge of turning on your chosen application and aiming it at the ceremony not only will they be able to see and hear all that is happening the bride and groom can even here them oohing and ahhing from afar.

Making the best of what could be a sad occasion when a special person cannot attend your momentous day is the perfect reason to allow very modern video chatting to be a part of your traditional wedding.