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Outdoor Wedding Venues are Lovely But Have a Backup Plan

It’s wedding day! The chairs are set outside under a beautiful oak tree surrounded by a neatly trimmed lawn and singing birds. The clouds are gray.  Is it going to rain? Is it going to blow over? The wedding planner says “Time to make a call, we should move it indoors.”  The Bride says, “No! […]

Do I Need a Rehearsal Since I Have a Wedding Planner

A frequent question I receive is, “Do we need you at our rehearsal? We have a wedding planner.” This question is not as simple to address as you would think.  Wedding planners have a lot on their plate the day of your wedding and do a fantastic job at seeing the big picture, but I […]

Don’t Imbibe Before the I Do!

Perhaps it’s due to all the media that portrays men as losing their independence once they say I do, but too many have bought into the lie that they need to be “fortified,” aka drunk, to be able to commit to the one they say they love. Flasks are now given as gifts to all […]

Is It Okay to Begin My Wedding Later Than Scheduled

Many brides have begun thinking it is okay to start their wedding ceremony 15-30 minutes later than the scheduled time on their invitation.  They want to allow for late guests or even worse, they think it really is only about them and don’t put their dress on until the venue owner tells them the officiant […]

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